söndag 5 april 2015

Låtlista 4 april

Första timmen:
Decomposing Entity - Social Disease
Gorgoroth - Carving a Giant
Marduk - Rope Of Regret
Melechesh - Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
Enslaved  - One Thousand Years of Rain
Septicflesh - Faust
Carach Angren - Killed and Served By The Devil
Meshuggah - Demiurge
Spawn Of Possession - Deus Avertat
Gojira - The Art of Dying

Andra timmen
Ēōs - Pain Came Before and Will Never End
Oranssi Pazuzu - Uraanisula
Gloson - Årsgång
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - I am
Ahab - Below The Sun

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